I'm David Abramovitz, 'Bramo' for short. As a malleable creative with a wide-ranging background in both graphic design and multi-platform website building, I help businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs cultivate and build the vision around their product or service. As a graphic design graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, I entered an industry that was on the cusp of both technological invention and reinvention in how they helped businesses choose to tell others who they are and what they produce. 

In 2006, after seven years of advertising experience and creative execution for multiple clients, I was given the opportunity to become enveloped in the business and creative objectives of one entrepreneur as the head Art Director. This position propelled me into developing the branding knowledge and product foresight that's led to my success that incorporates both my graphic design skills and brand-directing abilities. Following a promotion to Creative Director, I worked closely with partners, collaborators and managed a team of over a dozen individuals on several projects, one of which amassed an eventual selling of $135 million.

This opportunity ignited my own entrepreneurial spark. I launched, from start to finish, my own product that was successfully introduced into the market. Seeing, being involved in, and successfully navigating investment gains, outsourcing, and marketing sales, boosted my existing creative acumen. My career path has resulted in me becoming a vital, motivated and viable contracted Creative Director for multiple product lines and companies.

Currently, I work with businesses that value my diverse background, commitment to further knowledge and devoted approach to building strong brand recognition through visual elements. I am continually interested in hearing about or working with companies that are looking to push their brand, design, and concepts to the edge, in order to find their most viable branding potential.


Charlotte, NC